Within one week we created and prototyped wiggle, a relaxed rocking seat that is parametrically designed and produced through laser cutting. The idea was to invent honeycomb cardboard furniture which can be easily installed through the plugging principle. This material and system can be used as a sustainable alternative for furniture design: less waste, no glue, and recyclable. It can be easily self-assembled and dismantled in light and with no expensive production costs.
parametrical furniture design 
Materiability Lab 

Mentoring:    Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer
Tools:            Rhino, Grasshoper, Illustrator, Trotec 500

The fashion industry is one of the biggest sources of waste. Each year millions of tonnes of clothes are produced, worn, and thrown away. Re.think fab explores the material possibilities of unusable shredded textile from the recycling process and redesigning it into furniture pieces. The final prototype fab_stool is reusing a metal stool structure in combination with a new seat, a mix out of textile dust agglomerated with biodegradable starch-based adhesive that provides structural strength to the material.